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The Alduaij family office has a long and glorious history in Kuwait as one of the most prominent and respected business forces. The Alduaij family business, Alea Global, has won several awards including The European Award, and the CEO Award two years running. Head of the family office, Mohammad Alduaij, has won the Man of the Year award for his work building international business relationships.

Through their networks, they have formed strong personal and professional relationships with other family offices across the globe, all sharing much common ground and a willingness to work together.

Mohammad Alduaij, has been a conference speaker for the past 10 years, appearing at events all over the world. It was during his time touring the conference circuit that Mohammad noticed a gap in the market for events specific to family offices and those who want to meet them. Bringing together his conference experience, and his special insight into the world’s most prestigious family offices, this conference unites family offices with each other. It also gives business and entrepreneurs unprecedented access to this unique and powerful network.

About the summit

The summit is a gathering of family offices, with a specialist focus on business in the Middle East. The topics discussed at the summit are highly relevant to the family offices of today, providing solutions for their problems. It’s also an opportunity for service providers to mingle with members of these family offices in an informal and productive environment.

The summit has a range of valuable sessions that will help your family office to thrive, including ways today’s geopolitical climate can affect Middle East investments. Plus, you can learn how to take advantage of emerging technologies, cryptocurrencies and blockchain investments, and how to harness the skills of your next generation.A new era for the Gulf region, as well as for the Saudi women, present new business opportunities, while diversification and start-ups offer new routes to investment success. Learn how to branch into retail, and what to look for when allocating a new wealth manager, as well as how to make your philanthropy count.

There are over 60 family businesses already scheduled to attend, with an investor to delegate ratio of 70:30, so all delegates will have the opportunity to meet.

Esteemed Speakers, some of which include:

HRH Princess AlJohara Bint Talal Bin Abdulaziz AlSaud

HRH Princess AlJohara Bint Talal Bin Abdulaziz AlSaud

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Maha Al-Ghunaim

Maha K. Al-Ghunaim

Vice Chairman, Global Investment House, Kuwait.
Mishal Hamed Kanoo

Mishal Hamed Kanoo

Chairman, The Kanoo Group & KAAF Investment L.L.C., UAE.
Hassan Al Fardan1

Hassan Al Fardan

Deputy Head of Real Estate and Senior Advisor to the Group Chairman, Al Fardan Group, UAE.
Fouad Makhzoumi

Fouad Makhzoumi

Chairman, Future Group Holdings, UAE.
Khalid Al Zayani face

Khalid Al Zayani

Honorary Chairman, Al Zayani Investments, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bader Al-Sayer

Director, Al-Sayer Group Holding, Kuwait.

Rozana Al Tayyar

Executive Board Member, The International Chamber of Commerce Saudi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tariq Khoshhal

SEDCO Holding, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Nabeel Kanoo

Executive Management and Family Member of Kanoo Group, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Helen Wong

Helen Wong

Lapis Global Limited, Hong Kong.
Rabeah Al Awadi

Rabeah Al Awadi

Awadi Group, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Talal El-Ajou

Talal El-Ajou

Manager of Investment Department, El-Ajou Family Office, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Sadeq Mohamed

Sadeq Karam

Sami Alom Bio pic

Dr. Sami Alom

Director, Kasamar Holdings, UAE.
Ziad Daoud

Ziad Daoud

Chief Middle East Economist, Bloomberg Economics, UAE.
Tariq Nabulsi

Tariq Nabulsi

Managing Partner, ISG, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Antonio Ragusa1

Antonio Ragusa

Founding President, Rome Business School, Italy.

Leah Zveglich

Managing Partner, The Aster Club Global, Global.
Fares Abi Nader

Fares Abi Nader

Single Family Office, Lebanon.
Zahraa Al Fardan

Zahraa Al Fardan

Integration Leader & Financial Advisor, Al Fardan Group, UAE.
Aravind Manoharan

Aravind Manoharan

AVP-Investments, Ali Omran Al Owais Investments Co.LLC, UAE.
Hagop Dantziguian

Hagop Dantziguian

COO, Dantziguian Hrayr Automation Systems, Lebanon.
Stefan The Beast Becker

Stefan “The Beast” Becker

Head Coach, Switzerland.
Walid Chiniara

Walid Chiniara

Partner, Deloitte & Touche Middle East, Lebanon.
Riccardo Hosri

Riccardo Hosri

Basil Alaskari 1

Basil Alaskari

Co-Founder & CEO, MidChains, UAE.
Mohamed Al Hashemi

Mohamed Al Hashemi

Co-Founder &VP, MidChains, UAE.

Registration, networking, one-on-one meetings with Arabian Refreshments & Delicacies


Welcoming Opening Remarks


A New Era For Saudi Women & Women Entrepreneurship

HRH Princess AlJohara Bint Talal Bin Abdulaziz AlSaud, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Round Tables Discussions

With peer learning and interaction in mind, these 60-minute breakout sessions are designed to promote the sharing of experiences and brainstorming of ideas in facilitated and balanced discussions.


Special Networking Dinner – With Robots


Registration, Breakfast and Networking Hosted by Lauren Berger Collection


Chairman Welcoming Opening Remarks


A New Era In The Gulf For Business Opportunities And Foreign Capital

  • What is the new era and how does it affect your business?
  • Introducing some of the new international players on the global stage.
  • Attracting foreign capital and business opportunities quickly in a fast-changing region.
  • Emerging business trends in the Gulf to look out for.

Allocating A New Wealth Or Fund Manager To Your Family Office

  • Common motivations to allocating a new wealth of fund manager.
  • What to look for in your new wealth or fund manager.
  • Future-proofing your investments and capital.
  • How to cultivate an effective and profitable relationship with your new wealth manager.

Harness Blockchain Investments

  • What is blockchain technology and how does it work?
  • How blockchain is changing the way we do business.
  • When to use blockchain, and when not to.
  • The future of blockchain and how to harness it for your family office’s current activity.

Morning Networking Break with Arabian Refreshments & Delicacies


How To Protect & Maximize Returns On Your Equestrian Investments

Ammar Abdul Aziz, CEO, Phoenix Fund Investment, UAE.


Real Estate

  • Beyond residential – a look at some of the more interesting real estate opportunities.
  • The changing value of agricultural property.
  • Commercial real estate and finding the right tenants.
  • Investing in medical real estate – a philanthropic and financially rewarding venture.
  • Historical real estate and your responsibilities to preserve the past.

Better Up! “Interesting Investment Opportunities to Look at”


“Family Business in Europe”

Antonio Ragusa, Founding President, Rome Business School, Italy.


Networking Lunch


How Today’s Geopolitical Climate Affects Economies And Investment In The Middle East

  • What does the rise in renewable energy mean for economies reliant on fossil fuels?
  • Crossing boundaries – how to work across conflict lines and why it’s so vital.
  • Why Iraq after ISIS is an attractive new market to invest in.
  • Brexit, and Trump’s ‘America first’ – how to deal with this new isolationism when trading with the West.

E-volved Investments Explained

  • New digital currencies explained.
  • Beyond Bitcoin – the other cryptocurrency contenders in the marketplace.
  • Common risks and pitfalls of cryptocurrency investments and how to avoid them.
  • How cryptocurrencies will change business in the long term.

Break Your Limits – What successful Ultra Athletes and Business Leaders have in common

Stefan “The Beast” Becker, Head Coach, Switzerland.


The Robot Economy – Do We Need Humans

Yaron Schwarcz, CEO, Skyline Robotics, Europe & USA.


Afternoon Networking Break with Arabian Refreshments & Delicacies


Educating A New Generation To Manage The Family Business And Continue The Family Legacy

  • How to inspire younger generations to take a lead in the family business.
  • The new skillsets future generations will need as business evolves.
  • Prominent success stories in intergenerational working, and how to emulate them.
  • Are millennials really that bad? The challenges and benefits of working alongside them.

Round Table Sessions Hosted By Family Offices

A new era for Saudi women

  • How Saudi women are taking the lead in business.
  • How to create opportunities for Saudi women and harness their skills.
  • Providing a nurturing environment for women’s career development within your business.


  • Finding the most worthwhile causes in your region.
  • How to provide an effective and secure fund for those in need.
  • Success stories that helped businesses as much as they helped their chosen causes.

Succession planning

  • When and how to begin planning the next generations of your family office.
  • How to create a smooth and respectful handover process.
  • Ensuring your family office’s legacy lives on through successful succession planning.

Retail Business

  • New trends in retail investment.
  • International retail opportunities and how to find them.
  • How to add a retail arm to your business.

Family Office Global Investment Diversification

  • Why diversify your investments?
  • How to diversify successfully.
  • Ensuring your family office grows and retains its good reputation amid diverse investment streams.

The Gulf’s global reputation and its effect on local family office investments

  • The success stories of Gulf region family offices on the global stage.
  • How to harness the Gulf’s growing positive reputation for your own business.
  • A ‘who’s who’ of family offices to connect with in the Gulf region.

Attracting family office capital for start-ups

  • How to approach family offices – do’s and don’t’s.
  • Why family office capital is the best option for your start-up.
  • Success stories of start-ups and the family offices who invested in them.

Investing in technology and its effect on employment

  • Are machines really replacing workers? Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about investing in new technology.
  • How to choose the most ethical new technologies to invest in.
  • Future trends in emerging workplace technology.

Closing Remarks


Networking Cocktail Reception


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